Nutcracker MGA

Men's MGA


The goal of the association is the promotion of good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members and to encourage the active participation of its members while playing golf and taking part in golf tournaments conducted in accordance with the rules of the USGA, and as modified by local rules.

 Any member in the Nutcracker Golf Club shall be eligible for MGA membership upon application and payment of the required dues. Members must play in a minimum of three MGA events during the year to be eligible to play in the annual MGA championship. 

 The annual dues of the MGA shall be $25.00.   Play day is every Tuesday morning, and on Saturday once a month.


The MGA operating year shall be from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 of the same year. The MGA shall hold an annual meeting of the full membership in December of each year for the purpose of electing new officers and new board members and to conduct such other business as may be necessary. A plurality of the votes of the MGA members present is required for approval of any motions or election.

2019 Officers:

     Lee Hagen - President

     Jack Bryant - Play day director

     Clay Quaife - Treasure

     Terry Webster - Secretary

     Bob Beckley - At large

     Gary Pleickhardt - At large