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The Nutcracker Ladies Golf Association was formed in April 1993 to stimulate interest and promote better golf with good sportsmanship among the Ladies of Nutcracker Member Golf Club. We now have a current membership of 110 ladies and are still growing. 

To join our group, you must be a member/owner of Nutcracker Golf Club and have a 40 or less handicap. Dues are $40.00 per year which include all activities of our organization. Our play days are on Thursday each week starting at 9:00 a.m. January through March, and 8:30 am April through November. We also have a Nine Hole Ladies group for those women who do not want to play 18 holes. They are included in all of the activities of the 18-hole group. 

We have several events throughout the year that offer competitive play between members, guests, and spouses.

Those are:

     Spring Ringer Tournament April 3-4

     Jack & Jill Tournament April 18

     Cowgirl Classic (Member/Guest) May 14, 15, 16

     Club Championship September 14, 17

     Nut ‘N Honey September 20, 21, 22

     Nutty Buddy (Member/Member) October 2, 3

We also belong to an area golf association called Suburban which offers those who join the opportunity to play on the Nutcracker team at other area golf clubs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. (Contact Pat Rosetti, 817-578-3302)

If you are interested in joining, contact President, Marilyn Neely, at 972-742-2490 or Carolyn Hagan, Vice President, 214-507-7511.

Our mission is to play golf, have fun, and make friends. We look forward to meeting you soon.